Positivity Is Contagious


I am valuable

TAWC has done so much for me. The services I received helped me believe that I am valuable. If it wasn’t for the Centre I would not be here today. The Centre is extremely important to the well-being of so many.

I am so thankful for everything TAWC has done for me.


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It wasn′t the end for me.

I thought it was over for me. I thought I had no one to turn to. I was wrong, it wasn’t the end for me. Not yet. I told my intervenor for CDBA (Canadian Def Blind Association) all about the problems and conflicts I was having at home with my mother and step-father. Before I knew it, I was signing the papers for my own place at the Second Stage House and I was in counselling.

I truly don’t know where I would be this very moment with at the wonderful help from TAWC.


They stood by my side.

Teenage years are already some of the toughest years of your life, even more so trying to live through abuse and sexual assault. Experiencing nightmare after nightmare at such a young age made me lose all hope at a bright and successful future, but little did I know that making that first step and walking in to TAWC would lead me to where I am now.

From H.E.R place to S.A.S.S group, to all the wonderful counselors and volunteers at TAWC, I found strength and hope every time I walked into the Centre. On my darkest days, the staff believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself, and 3 years later, I am a nurse and am in a position to make a difference in people’s lives, just like they do every day.

They stood by my side through the failures and successes and I cannot thank them enough, but I hope to one day be able to give back to them even just an ounce of what they gave to me.


Nothing but love.

The beautiful ladies at H.E.R. Place in Timmins, took me in and helped me take my life back, there was nothing but love and support my whole stay, theyallowed me to practice my traditional teachings (smudging and praying).

This woman’s shelter was life changing for me and feel blessed I have crossed paths with these beautiful and compassionate women.

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