Public Education

Public Education

In order to see the eradication of Violence against Women, we need to educate men, women, children and the community at large.

Forms of Education

Public Education can take the form of a Lunch n’ Learn with Community Organizations, In-service presentations about programs and services, Professional Development Days in Schools, trainings for Businesses on Sexual Harassment in the Workplace or training Bartenders to recognize sexual harassment or alcohol facilitated sexual assault. Regardless of venue, we can tailor a presentation to meet the needs of our community.

Who can access the Public Education Program

This program is available to any Social Service Organizations, Justice Partners, Elementary, Vocational, Public, Private, Catholic Schools, Colleges, Universities, Teachers, Businesses, Legislators, Health Care Professionals or anyone else interested in learning to end Violence against Women.

Next Steps

For more information about our Public Education Program and how it can suit your enquiry, please visit Public Education.