Clothing Exchange Program

Clothing Exchange Program

The Clothing Exchange Program offers much needed help to families living in poverty.

Shopping times

The program is open, to women from the public to shop for their families, on Thursdays from 9:30 to 11am (times vary throughout the Holiday season). Women who are in a crisis situation are invited to call the office during business hours to enquire about accessing the program urgently.

The cost

Women attending the program on Thursdays are asked to give $5 to help support the program.

How to Help

Volunteer. Our Volunteers keep this program alive and thriving but they could use some extra help. If you are interested in joining our Volunteer Squad, please visit the Get Involved tab!

Donate. We are always looking for and accepting donations from the community. The program stocks a variety of items; baby items, linens, footwear, toys, decorations, costumes, outerwear, small kitchen appliances, dishes, utensils, pot and pans and clothing for; women, men, girls, boys and babies. If you have items that you’d like to donate but you don’t see them listed here, please call our office at 705.268.8381. Please note: Donations are ONLY accepted during business hours (Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm). Any donations left outside after these hours will be disposed of at a landfill as this is a health and safety hazard.

People always ask, “What do you need most?” The answer to this question changes frequently and is often dependent on the current season. However, items that are usually in high demand are; baby clothes and baby items such as; high chairs, bath tubs, strollers, etc. Plus size clothing (1xl-5xl), bedding and linens (towels, sheets, blankets, pillows, etc.) and small kitchen appliances such as; toasters, coffee machines, microwaves, kettles, etc.

Remember. The program is designed to serve the population of families who live on or below the poverty line. This includes those who work for minimum wage, families on assistance, women leaving abusive relationships, women needing clothes for school, foster parents and single women starting families.

We care. We care about the quality of donated items because we believe that wealth should not be a condition for respect. Far too often people who live in poverty are judged unfairly when in many cases it is a failure of our social systems that have contributed to their situations.