Indigenous Programming

Indigenous Programming

Our agency believes in the importance women hold in cultural practices as a critical path to healing. Indigenous Programming is one of many ways we can facilitate a woman’s healing journey.

Who can access Indigenous Programming

All women involved in our plethora of services can access Indigenous Programming. Simply, ask any staff that you’re working with at TAWC and she will facilitate a connection to the Indigenous Program Worker.

What is involved in Indigenous Programming

Each month, the Indigenous Program Worker creates a schedule of events and activities for any woman interested in participating. These activities include but are not limited to; Cedar Foot Soaks, preparing and cooking cultural foods, smudging, Healing, Teaching and Sharing circles, drumming, crafts and one to one support.

What can women gain from accessing Indigenous Programming

All women, regardless of cultural identity, have the potential to gain a greater understanding of themselves as women, individuals and survivors through the many activities provided in this program.