NEW Second Stage Housing Program

Musk Quat Transition House in Timmins, Ontario is being profiled for innovation in social housing, as part of the Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association’s (ONPHA) Innovations in Housing Stability research, with funding support from the Province of Ontario. Thanks to a unique partnership between the Cochrane District Social Services Administration Board (CDSSAB) and three violence against women’s organizations, Musk Quat provides Timmins women leaving violence with up to a year to stabilize their lives in a secure, affordable home. Their model is giving women a real chance to heal and address long-standing issues beyond the typical six-week shelter stay. In a location where two-bedroom rental apartments can reach $1,200/month and services in Sudbury and North Bay are a three-and- a-half- hour drive away, Musk Quat is providing a solution for women in need. The result has been fewer women returning to homelessness and more victims of violence being able to successfully transition into permanent housing.

“Musk Quat is the Ojibway word for “bear den.” The founders were inspired by the image of the ‘mama bear’ as both a great provider and a fierce protector. The female bear enters a safe place of her choosing and makes it a home for herself and her little ones during the difficult winter months. It is a temporary refuge; it is in fact a transitional home.” – Musk Quat Transition House

“Musk Quat Transition House has proved themselves to be true innovators. The courage to do things differently and try new models has allowed them to go above and beyond what is common to meet the needs of women leaving violence and their children. We are proud to highlight their important work.” – Sylvia Patterson, Interim Executive Director, Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association

About Musk Quat Transition House: Musk Quat Transition House works as part of a holistic network to provide housing and equitable support services that empower women to live a life free of violence.

About the Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association: Founded in 1988, ONPHA is an independent association funded and directed by its members, representing more than 700 of Ontario’s non-profit housing providers. Our members house more than 400,000 people in 163,000 homes across 220 Ontario communities. They are a critical part of the fabric of every community and provide decent, affordable homes to low and moderate income households.

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